5 Simple Steps to Selling Your Home Fast

By: Jim Oursler – Granite Foundation Repair


There are so many reasons why you’d want to sell your home fast. Sometimes, it could be because of a major financial emergency, a time-sensitive offer, job relocations, and so on. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. Generally, most houses stay on listings boards for longer than they should because something wasn’t done right. It could be because of poorly done pricing, home staging, advertising, or curb appeal, just to mention a few.

So, if you are looking for tips to help you sell your home quickly, you’re in the right place. Jim of GraniteFoundationRepair.com lists a few steps you can take to make that happen. Read on to know more.

The two main secrets to a speedy sale are price and curb appeal. Home sellers are always interested in those two. Therefore, you should make sure they are both right and attractive to buyers. Here’s a list of five things you can do to hasten the sale of your home:

Set the right price.

Is your selling price irresistible? Does it get the attention of buyers? If not, then selling your home fast becomes a far-fetched dream. When looking at a property listing, the first two things buyers often see are the price and the homes cover photo.

These two often determine whether or not the buyer will click to view more details about the sale and maybe get your contacts. Now, it is worth noting that properties on sale often get the highest traffic of buyers during the first 30 days of their listing.

Therefore, you have to optimize your chances of getting buyers for your property within the first month. When you have multiple buyers lining up to buy your home, you have more bargaining power. And it may work in your favor when the time comes to sell the home. So, make sure your price is right.

Make a few upgrades and remove your personalized items.

Buyers love houses that look fresh, inviting and ready to be moved in. Very few – or none – of them will buy a house that looks old or in need of upgrades. And that’s mainly because it may mean that they’ll spend more money on the house before it can be decent enough to move into.

Therefore, don’t give them a reason to dismiss your listing. And the only way to do so is to make sure the house looks good and ready.

That means that during the showing, you will need to remove your personal photos, memorabilia, and other items. The less clutter, the better. Plus, it makes it easy for the buyer to picture themselves in the house.

Thereafter, repainting the home, fixing broken cabinetry, cleaning the place including those hard to reach spots ought to do. Basically, stick to small upgrades like changing light fixtures, replacing small old appliances with new ones, fixing breakages and so on.

Hire a professional to stage and market the house.


A good price gets you the attention of a potential buyer, but the curb appeal is what keeps them. This prompts them to give you a call. The only way to make sure that your home’s best features are highlighted is by hiring a professional home stager. The Stacey Sauer Team will provide you top stager references to get the most bang for your buck.

Professional, clear, and beautiful photos of your home present a more vivid and realistic feel for buyers. It makes them want to picture themselves in the photos. And this plays an important part in convincing them that they’ve found what they are looking for; “a place that looks and feels like home.”

Enlisting a reputable real estate agent.

Yes! Enlist the services of the agents on The Stacey Sauer Team. The best and most experienced real estate agents know how to execute quick sales in your area. You can read the reviews here!

Add some light in your home.

Lighting up your home not only makes it easy for you to highlight its best features but also create a happy and vibrant feel. Most visitors often find poorly lit homes dull and depressing.

And that’s the last thing you want them to feel when you’re trying to sell them your home.


Providing a short and awesome description of your neighborhood when you list with The Stacey Sauer Team can be a great way for us too add to the informational value of your listings and ads.

With these five simple steps, selling your home quickly may become a walk in the park for you. Remember that the price and curb appeal are the most important steps.